Why ISA’s

ISAs completely change the dialogue – and the value proposition of education itself.

Income Share Agreements (“ISAs”) have the potential to address the student debt crisis, while also addressing systemic issues of access, affordability, and quality.

Schools that offer ISAs through edly align their interests with student outcomes. This is a strong message which is appreciated by students and one that can increase interest in your school significantly.

Why edly

edly is the only complete ISA funding solution for schools. With one contact point, schools gain access to the entire ISA market.

  • Program Design: using the edly calculator, schools can see how choice of terms relate to the creation of an attractive tuition funding alternative for students.
  • Funding: edly reaches thousands of buyers.
  • Servicing: edly will help you evaluate and engage a servicer.


edly guides schools through matters of ISA program mechanics, financing and servicing until launch and

  • Design program to meet your needs
  • Obtain immediate initial funding
  • List ISAs on edly for best execution and collect additional funding

Considering launching an ISA Program? Fill out out the edly school form to access more info on the process.