Do well by doing good

Income Share Agreements (“ISAs”) are a fast-growing alternative to private student loans. The edly ISA marketplace makes it easy for accredited investors to invest in this growing market.

edly ISA investors are part of the solution to this generation’s top financial challenge – to fund increasingly valuable training and education without debt. 

Investing on edly

  • Investors get access to “shares” of pools of income share agreements (ISAs), unique investments tied to future student financial success.

  • These investments fund a student’s education, and are repaid by students only after they secure employment which pays above a certain income threshold.

  • edly’s defining feature is uniquely aligning the interests of schools, students, and investors.

  • edly ISAs offer (i) students a more flexible way to finance higher education, and (ii) schools greater ISA program liquidity – ISAs are not loans.

  • Schools participating in the edly marketplace are educational institutions that provide affordable training with positive employment outcomes for graduates.


Change performance assumptions to see how different student outcomes influence returns


Create notes manually by assembling ISA pools of your choosing, or algorithmically by setting your preferences.

edly bridges the gap between Schools and ISA investors.

Investment Characteristics


Pools are diversified, containing cash flows from a variety of ISA contracts that will earn payments from a number of different student obligors

Monthly Cash Flow

Investors earn a fixed minimum return while students are still in school

Aligned Incentives

Schools are incentivized to ensure that students meet certain milestones like graduation and employment

Start investing once you are reviewed and approved by edly – first, fill out the investor qualification questionnaire.