edly is a marketplace that connects schools with accredited ISA investors. This marketplace enables accredited investors to do well by doing good.

edly ISA investors are part of the solution to this generation’s top financial challenge – to fund increasingly valuable training and education without debt. 

We offer access to “shares” of income share agreements (ISAs), unique financial assets tied to future student success. These investments fund students’ tuition, and are repaid by students only after they secure employment. Unlike student loans, which can be punitive and unaffordable, ISA investments on the edly marketplace are affordable by definition, and reward and fuel ongoing student success. 

edly’s defining feature is a unique alignment of interests between schools, students, and capital providers. Schools keep skin in the game by retaining part-ownership of edly ISAs. 

Our ISAs are not loans and they do have significant investment risk; they offer a more flexible way for students to finance higher education, and for schools to access ISA program liquidity. Schools participating in the edly marketplace are educational institutions that provide high-quality, affordable training with positive employment outcomes for graduates.

Christoper Ricciardi

CEO | Co-Founder

Head of Operations & Capital Markets at edly
Partner at FlowPoint Education Management
Founder of PLAAY Sports tech company
Former CEO of $40 billion asset manager, Cohen & Co.
Former Head of Structured Credit, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Prudential
Wharton, London School of Economics, University of Richmond

Charles Trafton

President | Co-Founder

Head of Origination at edly
Partner at FlowPoint Capital and FlowPoint Education Management
Former Portfolio Manager at The Boston Company Asset Management
Institutional Investor “All-America Research Analyst” at Cannaccord Genuity (formerly Adams, Harkness & Hill); Greenwich Associates “4-Star Analyst”; Cowen & Co.
Boston College

J.Christopher Roe

Chief Technology Officer

Head of Technology Development at edly
Former CTO Credibly SMB lender
Former CTO Guggenheim media PGM
Former CTO Peterson Management Services
University Montana

Cecilia Pan

Managing Director

Head of Finance & Modeling at edly
Managing Director at Castle Placement Investment Bank
SPV, counterparty risk at Bank of America
Structured Credit at Merrill Lynch
Structured Credit at Credit Suisse
Columbia Business School, University of California, Berkeley

Harry Birch

Vice President

Head of Product Development at edly
Analyst at FlowPoint Education Management
Head of Product at PLAAY Sports tech company
Advisory Board Member & Acting CFO of EVAmore, music tech. platform
Vanderbilt University