Earn monthly income while supporting students.

Target returns up to 12%

Income Share Agreements (“ISAs”) are a better alternative to student loans. Instead of paying a fixed interest rate, students pay a fixed percentage of their salary. This gives investors an opportunity to invest in students and earn attractive returns as the students do well in their careers.

How it works

  • edly finds schools which want to offer a better alternative to student loans to students.

  • edly provides funding to the schools in a way that aligns the interests of students, schools, and investors.

  • edly makes these investment opportunities available to investors

  • As students get jobs and earn salaries, they pay a percentage of their salary to edly. edly splits the payments between investors and schools.

Track record

  • 2,000 student tuitions funded

  • 22.40% realized cash return 

    Weighted average annualized calculation of cash returned to investors on the amount invested in edly ISAs. 

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