Earn monthly income while supporting students.

10-15% Target Returns

Income Share Agreements (“ISAs”) are a form of tuition funding which strives to be more accessible, affordable, and flexible than private student loans. Instead of paying a fixed interest rate, students pay a fixed percentage of their salary – but only if they earn over a certain amount and only while they are employed. 


Jump-start your ISA program. Get access to ongoing program funding. Increase student affordability and access.


Get access to unique, high-impact investments tied to student earning potential.


Learn how a well-designed ISA Program can be more flexible and more affordable than alternative financing options.

edly offers financial consultation and financial management of income share agreement programs to higher educational institutions and specialized vocational programs.

edly in the news:

What we do

  • Bridge the gap between schools and accredited investors who want to invest in ISAs.

  • Enable schools to offer ISAs by providing ongoing program funding.

  • Enable accredited investors to help students finance their education.

  • Align the interests of schools, students, and investors – Schools retain financial incentive aligned with student outcomes.

About the Marketplace

edly bridges the gap between schools and ISA investors.

  • edly is committed to developing broad investor participation.

  • Schools can customize their program terms, and edly will list ISAs directly on the platform.

  • Schools and investors will have access to significant performance data of ISAs offered for investment.


edly schools are institutions that provide affordable education with positive employment outcomes for graduates. With one contact point – through the edly platform – schools gain access to investors who can fund their students’ education costs.


edly ISA investors are part of the solution to this generation’s top financial challenge. Investors help fund increasingly valuable training and education without debt in a way that aligns the interest of investors and students.

edly Mission:

Unlike student loans, which can be punitive and unaffordable, ISAs are affordable by definition. edly works to provide ISA programs that offer a more affordable and flexible financing alternative for students.

Have a question about edly or ISAs in general?

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